What is the Nutcracker Fund?

Les Grands Ballets is committed to giving back to the community. For 20 years, the Nutcracker Fund has been allowing to share the magic of the ballet with children not as fortunate as others.

Under the honorary presidency of Julie Snyder, the 2017 Nutcracker Fund will allow a complete immersion in the show’s universe by offering:

  • a Nutcracker performance, free of charge for 2,800 sick and disadvantaged children
  • educative workshops on the Nutcracker theme for 1,500 of them
  • the support of the yearly refresh of the costumes and sets for this production, now in its 54th year!

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Where do your donations go?

The Nutcracker Fund’s aims to reach a total of $450,000 thanks to the support of sponsors, foundations and single donors.
Today, help us raise a part of this goal ($50,000) and contribute to support one of the numerous activities dedicated to sick and disadvantaged children, made possible thanks to this program:

  • the orchestra during the free performance dedicated to children ($16,000 per performance)
  • point shoes used by ballerinas during that same free performance ($150 per point shoes and a total of over $4,000 per performance
  • educational workshops offered each autumn to 1,500 disadvantaged students (over 100 organized each year)
  • sets and costumes renewed each year ($180,000 each edition)
    • over 350 costumes and 165 characters
    • average cost of a costume: $2,500
    • cost of the King of Candyland costume: $15,000!

Give, and receive in return

Les Grands Ballets wishes
to thank donors by offering one
of them two Air France plane tickets destination Europe! Some donors will also be invited to a private cocktail with Julie Snyder during the premiere of The Nutcracker, as well as the Nutcracker Fund Benefit-Brunch.